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Trying to get rid of bedbugs, many people turn to high technology, namely — to ultrasonic repellents. This is done for a number of reasons: Ultrasonic repellents from bedbugs are cheaper than a good insecticide. Ultrasound is harmless to humans, unlike most insecticides, which, if handled incorrectly, can cause poisoning. Ultrasound does not cause allergies. Manufacturers of ultrasonic repellents claim that their products are able to repel and kill bugs, and some even claim that ultrasound does not allow insects to reproduce. However, does this remedy really help in the fight against bedbugs? This is what will be discussed in this article.
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The idea of using ultrasound in insect control was originally used to fight mosquitoes and I must say, really successfully. The fact is that mosquitoes use ultrasound to communicate with each other, so a device tuned to a certain frequency can give them false signals about the danger that repel insects. Effective were also repellents from rodents — mice and rats. They also use ultrasounds for communication and are afraid of false "alarms" generated by some devices. However, a special study of some independent organizations show that really works, ultrasonic repeller rats, mice and mosquitoes very few — the majority is a standard beautiful box with light bulbs and flashing lights. About the same principle should work and repellents from bugs, but there is one "but» …
Like many insects, bedbugs use for communication and nutrition is not sound, and smells. These insects have a sense of smell, which will envy any dog — it is the smell they find their victims, places for the arrangement of nests and ways of penetration into the apartment. But other feelings are very blunted, so they are unable to listen to ultrasound. That is why ultrasonic repellents against bedbugs are absolutely useless. The commercial success of these devices is explained by the credulity of consumers to technology, fear of "chemistry" and of course, the dishonesty of sellers who are ready to attribute to their products any properties. Remember: ultrasonic waves are not able to scare, kill, disrupt the breeding cycle or in any way affect bed bugs. This is a pure myth, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of deceived buyers.

The only way to get rid of bed bugs, infected the room, is a full-fledged persecution with the use of modern insecticides, freezing or warming. Do not be afraid to use insecticides — modern means can be dangerous only with improper use and neglect of basic safety. Moreover, there are insecticides that do not contain toxic substances and do not have a smell. Only thorough disinsection can kill insects and their eggs, but it is not a panacea — in some cases it is necessary to carry out treatment 2-3 times. The reason for the survival of insects can be a strong infection of the room, a missed nest or an infected apartment of neighbors, which is typical for apartment buildings and hostels. There are also folk methods of repelling bedbugs. All of them are based on the sensitive sense of smell of these insects, so they are really working. First of all, here can be attributed wormwood and tansy. These plants are characterized by a high concentration of phytoncides, useful for humans and have an irritating effect on bedbugs. They are easy to use — in the summer you can just pick up bundles of grass and hang around the house. You can also use a decoction of tansy or wormwood. If the street is not summer, and the preparation of herbal decoctions you do not care, you can use all sorts of household products that have a strong smell — vinegar, denaturate, kerosene, naphthalene, turpentine, etc. Despite the pronounced effectiveness in repelling bedbugs, these funds are not very popular because of the strong smell that literally permeates the room, as well as due to the fact that careless processing can spoil furniture, Wallpaper or clothing.

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