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Folding bed — convenient and reliable
You will be able to find the necessary camping furniture for your home, garden, outdoor recreation, hunting or fishing. We offer a wide selection of camping cots and travel cots from budget to luxury, with high load capacity!

For many buyers, the cost of folding beds is also of great importance. After reviewing our offers, You will understand that the offered prices are available for people with a variety of income levels. According to the ratio of cost and quality of products sold is considered to be perfectly balanced. If necessary, You can choose several options of folding beds:
TOP-5 Best Camping Cots in 2019 Worth Buying | Buyer’s Guide​ml
camp bed
travel cots
carp beds;
Each of these options has its own advantages, thanks to which You can opt for a particular option. So, for the organization of accommodation for a long journey by car are ideal small tourist cots. Using them, You can relax VL any place you like.

Travel cots
However, the simplest and most convenient device for sleeping is still a simple clamshell. The usual tourist clamshell is able to help out in any situation, including the organization of leisure guests in a country house. In its design in recent years, it has undergone minimal changes. In order to facilitate weight and increase strength, it is reinforced with an aluminum frame. Thanks to it, the folding bed can be easily assembled and disassembled, and the low weight allows you to transport the bed without problems even over long distances. In this case, transportation can be carried out in the trunk of an ordinary car.

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